Formula Cura Brake - Black FD94175-CU Pair (Front & Rear)

£235 £260

Formula starts a new era with the Cura disc brake. This is the first fully hydraulic disc brake of the tradition-rich Italian manufacturer that uses mineral oil as a brake medium instead of the DOT fluid. Yet, this is not the only fundamental change compared to prior generations of Formula brakes. The brake lever, too, is a completely new development and now comes with an axial master cylinder, which is made of forged and anodized aluminium, just as the two-piece brake caliper. Two over-size pistons with 24 mm diameter inside the brake caliper provide the Cura with exceptional braking power, especially for a 2-piston brake, which expands its area of use even to MTB Downhill.

What’s more, the Cura looks really good indeed.