Knog PWR Solar 10W Panel Charge on the go! Charger panel

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The PWR Solar panel perfectly unites the whole PWR range, and really allows customers to "find their freedom" while exploring the outdoors with an endless supply of renewable energy.

The four red LED indicators on the body of the panel help indicate the efficiency of the panel position, with one of four LED's representing 25% power. When the panel is in optimal position, all four red LED's will light up. The PWR Solar 10W panel utilises incredibly efficient cells, and when coupled with an "automatic renegotiation" feature, it ensures that your devices is constantly getting as much energy as it needs even when lighting conditions fluctuate, to guarantee faster charging.

The PWR Solar 10W panel features a protected USB-A port and nylon D-rings for hanging while charging, either at the camp site, or while on the move. Featuring Sunpower Maxeon Gen 5, Monocrystalline solar cells with an ETFE surface to prolong the panels lifespan out in the harsh elements, the PWR Solar 10W panel also has a magnetic closure system to keep the panel compact when packing down and being stowed away. Always use the PWR Solar 10W panel to charge a small, medium or large sized PWR Bank as PWR banks are the stable way to charge any device. The PWR Solar 10W panel is our latest addition to the PWR range, our modular and interchangeable system of products designed for rugged outdoor exploration, whether it be on bike or on foot.

Intelligent Chip Technology:
Advanced integrated chiptechnology allows the Knog solar panels to detect improving solar conditions, and automatically re-starts the charging process to allow the device to draw the optimal charging current in each circumstance.

Intelligent Chip TechnologyOremium Solar Cells:
Utilising Sunpower Maxeon GEN 5 solar panels which feature Monocrystaline cells to allow for high module efficiency these are the same panels that NASA use.

Power Junction:
Access your solar generated power using a standard USB connection. When not in use simply seal shut using the soft touch rubber access flap and your solar unit will be water resistant to a rating of IP65.

Dual Function LED's:
4 conveniently located LED's with dual display function: LED's (On steady) - Measures the quality/ strength of the available sunlight, allowing for optimum sunlight placement capture LED's (Flashing) - Displays the rate at which your device is charging (& will only deliver the required level of charge that a device needs)..

Snap Magnet Closure:
Smartly placed magnets allow for easy closure and storage of the Solar unit when not in use. These same magnets are also helpful when positioning the solar panelon a metal object.

Sturdy D Ring:
Handy D-Ring attachment allowing for convenient storage or premium placement for maximum sun absorption.

ETFE Coating:
Our Solar unit is coated using ETFE which is considered the leading industrial coating offering unparalleled protection from; heat, water, salt, oil, dirt and anything else the great outdoors can throw at you.