SDG Components Saddle Bel-Air 2.0 Ti-Alloy Rail Shibuya Dazzle Collection

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The Bel-Air saddles are the modern classics - providing ultimate comfort, support and control.

The Bel Air 2.0 uses a resilient nylon base that allows extra flex on the edges through each pedal stroke and incorporates a base bridge for stiffness and ideal power transfer. The Bel Air 2.0 uses the lightest EVA Foam available and is strategically designed with a rear-rise which helps rotate the pelvis forward and can provide extra support for one who likes to use the saddle's Optimal Rideable Area (ORA).

The Bel-Air 2.0 incorporates the peri-canal - a full length channel to eliminate pressures to the soft-tissue, a nose platform which provides greater surface area control and power transfer and a down curved nose for moving forward on the saddle on seated climbs or in an aggressive forward riding position. Available in multiple seamless covering options, these decade proven designs are the ultimate tool for a wide variety of cyclists.

Decade proven design for all around comfort and functionality. Peri-canal to eliminate soft tissue pressures. Seamless microfibre top available in 2 colour options with black painted graphics. Nose platform allows greater surface area for more control and power transfer. Rear rise rotates pelvis forward for added support. Comfort cleavage. Injection moulded tail and nose bumpers. Weight: 225g. Ti-alloy rails. Disciplines: Mtn (XC, Trail, Enduro, DH), CX, & Road (Endurance & Racing). Optimal Rideable Area (ORA): 90-130mm (Small-Medium) Size: 270 x 140mm.