SDG Components Bel-Air V 3.0 Lux Alloy rail Saddle

£80 £99.95

Newly enhanced comfort proven profile of the Bel-Air saddle, uniquely designed with “Oil Slick” components.


New for 2020. The Bel-Air borrows the comfort proven profile of the original Bel-Air, but wrapped in an updated package that’ll complement any performance driven build. While utilizing the slight rear rise of the Bel-Air, it provides extra support, comfort and power from the seated position for any epic long adventures. The V3 saddle has been slimmed down – now shorter in overall length to match current bike geometries, along with the reduced hips to extend a sleeker appearance, without jeopardizing any comfort characteristics. The FUEL model features an oil slick finish on the base, iridescent dripped and coated Lux-Alloy rails and matching screen printed graphics, allowing you to further customize your build and stand out from the crowd.


Atmos Sealed Construction - Eliminates need for staples and bumpers on base of saddle.
Flat-Forward Platform - Allows ease of movement on the saddle.
Rear Rise - Allows optimum power and comfort from sitting position.
Nylon Glass Base With Bridge - Increases power transfer.
Deep Peri-Canal - Continuous relief channel from tip to tail.
Nose Platform - Wider nose to aid in climbing.
Sonic Weld - Added protection on corners of saddle.
Injection EVA - Lightweight injection moulded foam.